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These are the questions that we are most frequently asked about chimney sweeping.  If you have other inquiries regarding chimneys, chimney maintenance, related topics, or any of our services, please call us and we will answer your questions.

Q. How often do I need my chimney inspected and swept?

Q. Why is it important to have my chimney inspected?

Q. What preparations do you suggest I take before a chimney sweep technician arrives at my home?

Q.What is creosote and what sort of problems can it cause if left unchecked in my chimney?

Q. Will there be any mess or dust while my chimney is being cleaned?

Q. What is the level of your experience in chimney cleaning?

Q. How do I make an appointment to have my chimney serviced?

How ofte
n do I need my chimney inspected and swept?

That depends on the age and general condition of your chimney, the type of wood you burn in the associated fireplace or wood burning stove and how often you use it. The older the chimney, the more likely it is to have structural damage due to long term repeated exposure to heat and weather. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that all chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected at least once a year.
With Chimneys-R-Us’ thirty plus years of experience in chimney inspections, chimney sweeping and chimney maintenance in the San Diego County, we agree with that recommendation with three exceptions.  The first being chimneys that only get used a few times a year can generally afford to have the inspections done every two years. Secondly, chimneys that get heavy usage should be inspected more frequently and the third and perhaps most important exception is that any chimney flue that has a ¼ inch or more buildup of creosote deposits should be cleaned immediately.

Why is it important to have my chimney inspected?

The main reasons for a chimney inspection are to determine if your fireplace or wood burning or pellet stove is safe to operate, to check the chimney and flue for structural problems and excess creosote buildup. The last two items are one of the nation’s leading causes of house fires, because the chimneys are usually directly connected to the frame of the house, which can make it easy for chimney fires to spread from the chimney to the house rather quickly. During our inspection process, besides checking the stove, if present, and inspect the fire chamber, that the throat damper operates correctly, the condition of the flue, the level of creosote deposits, the condition of chimney caps, spark arrestors, as well as, looking for any structural damage, such as damaged flue pipe, cracks, signs of water leakage, integrity of the chimney crown and blockage from leaves, twigs or bird nests.

What preparations do you suggest I take before a chimney sweep technician arrives at my home?

We ask you to move things away from the fireplace, so that there is about eight feet of clear space around the hearth. If you assistance with that, Chimneys-R-Us’ well-trained, professional staff can help you.  We do ask that you not use the stove or fireplace for 24 hours before our anticipated arrival and that, while we are working, you keep children and pets out of the room for their own safety.

What is creosote and what sort of problems can it cause if left unchecked in my chimney?

Creosote is a highly flammable, dark brown or black tar like residue that is a byproduct of burning wood or coal. Initial deposits of creosote in the chimney flue are usually rather soft and fluffy. With the passage of time, exposure to the sustained heat in the chimney and getting buried under fresher deposits, the older deposits get hard and glazed.  These baked on layers of creosote can be difficult to remove with chimney sweeping wire brushes alone and may require the use of special compounds that chemically assist in the removal process.
The accumulation of creosote in the flue is the leading cause of chimney fires. Because creosote burns with an intense heat, even chimney fires of short duration can cause cracks and damage to clay flue pipe and liners and that will allow some of the future heat traveling up the chimney to escape through the cracks and dry out the nearby framing of the house and ultimately ignite the house itself. More serious chimney fires cause catastrophic damage to the chimney and can quickly spread to the frame of the house.
One of the objectives of proper chimney maintenance and cleaning is to remove the creosote from the flue before it can reach dangerous level.


Will there be any mess or dust while my chimney is being cleaned?

Simply, no!  Chimneys-R-Us is a professional operation and we take great pride in doing our work neatly. In order to ensure that your home remains clean and dust free, we protect your home by tarping the hearth area around the fireplace and utilize a vacuum and brush system that traps any soot or chimney debris.

What is the level of your experience in chimney cleaning?

Chimneys-R-Us is probably the most experienced chimney cleaning company in the San Diego area. Since the business was established in 1981, Chimneys-R-Us has cleaned and swept over 50,000 chimney flues. With an average length of about twenty feet per flue, that would be about a million feet of chimney flue! Or 800 times the height of the Empire State Building!  With that track record, we are confident that we can solve just about any chimney problem and with our level of expertise, we can help make your fireplace safe, efficient and enjoyable.


How do I make an appointment to have my chimney serviced?

To make an appointment, please call Customer Service at:


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